Opportunities in Mexico for Digital Growth

The Frankfurt Book Fair, slated for October, will feature a new addition to its conference roster: Global Publishing Summit 2015.

Emerging and evolving book industries around the world will be discussed, including our neighbor to the south.

“The book market in Mexico has its peculiarities,” says José Ignacio Echeverri, Chairman of the Cámara Nacional de la Industria Editorial Mexicana (CANIEM), explaining that the country has two markets: national and private.

According to an article by Digital Book World, while national institutions generate significant demand for books in all Latin American countries, it is generally private publishing houses that obtain and promote the wide variety of titles produced in the region.

The article goes on to say: “There is room for development in the Mexican book market, which currently lacks bookstores and libraries, efficient tax regulations for exports and imports, support for reading and, above all, readers.”

With 73 percent of the 122 million Mexicans classified as non-readers, according to the article, there is a largely untapped customer base.

Industry experts and current studies predict a strong upturn in coming years in the Mexican book market, the second largest in Latin America after Brazil, according to the article.

While the majority of us in this cohort may not venture into publishing in other countries, we can’t deny that we will work heavily in digital publishing — and the Internet knows no borders.

Keeping an eye on what is happening in the Mexican and Canadian book markets is smart. Being such close neighbors, our businesses have the potential to impact the others.

Additionally, with the increase in Spanish-speaking people in the United States, it would behoove us as future publishers to consider how we can reach that sector of the market.



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