Future Library Collects Stories to Print in 100 Years

One Scottish artist has set out to make sure that children 100 years from now will still have the opportunity to read hard copy books. Beginning last year, Katie Paterson and her team planted one thousand trees near Oslo, Norway, and where they will grow until they are fully grown, ready to be purposed for books that will be published in 2114.

Each year, one author will be commissioned to write one of the books to be published in 100 years; however, no one will read the books until then. All of the writings will be put in a special room designated to hold all future books for the project in the current library in Oslo. So far they have two authors who have contributed to the project: Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas.

While it may seem strange for these people to work on a project they will never live to see come to fruition, this project’s goal is to preserve the art of paper books and the art of writing for generations to come.

There is one thing, a calming thought behind this project: no matter where and how far ebooks will evolve, print books will be there, no doubt about it.


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