BlueInk Review

Publishing Perspectives, an online trade journal, has a monthly post that holds some importance. Each month, they post top reviews from BlueInk Review, which is a service that reviews self-published books.

Why It’s Important:

A common denominator in the argument against self-publishing is that it will flood the market with a lot of terrible work. There is excellent work being self-published right now, but it is often difficult to find. However, with services like BlueInk Review, readers can still discover those gems of writing that haven’t been published via mainstream trade houses.

There is still an issue of discoverability, though, as I myself did not know about BlueInk Review until Publishing Perspectives posted their top reviews. This is why I think it is important that trade journals and websites make this information more accessible. A monthly post dedicated to self-published works is nothing to sniff at, and BlueInk Review along with the common reader can thank Publishing Perspectives for their dedication to all books, no matter the method used for publishing.

Check out the list at the link below. I personally would like to look up Ladies in Low Places!

-Briana Farr


One thought on “BlueInk Review”

  1. BlueInk Review is a relatively “new” book review service for self-published titles. Kirkus reviews traditional books and they have an Indie division that reviews self-published books for a fee ($425 – $575) Foreword reviews traditionally published titles and also provides a service for indies, called Clarion Reviews. Both services are worth the investment for an indie author. All services do provide a means to lend credibility, as well as discovery.


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