Dushko Petrovich

The Forgotten Niche: Adjunct Commuter Weekly

by Ginnefine Jalloh

As distance education becomes more of the norm and commuter students increase in popularity, remaining connected to the on-campus experience is challenging. Some universities offer a number of programs to keep these students in the loop, but what about adjunct professors?

Slate Education columnist, Rebecca Schuman, interviews Dushko Petrovich about his niche publication Adjunct Commuter Weekly. Petrovich commutes from Brooklyn, New York to teach at Yale, RISD (Rhode Island School of Design), and Boston University. From a Kickstarter campaign, Petrovich was able to print a full-color run of the inaugural 20-page issue on newsprint. He has since created a WordPress based publication, ACW, that functions as a web magazine featuring contributing authors.

The website is also a multimedia affair, soon to feature podcasts about adjunct issues (recorded from Petrovich’s “office”; i.e., his car), and an ingeniously useful ride-sharing app.

Petrovich wanted to provide adjunct professors with content that directly correlated with their lifestyles. On the site you will find various topics from news, syllabi samples, essays, poetry, advice, photography, and more. The site even features a shop where the debut issue of Adjunct Commuter Weekly is available for purchase.

I thought this was an interesting read from another perspective. The article mentions many topics we have discussed and his web magazine is very similar to what we are doing here with our class newsletter.

Source: Slate.com
Feature image courtesy of Dushko Petrovich


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