A New Publishing House: Catapult

The Wall Street Journal announced on Thursday that Elizabeth R. Koch is the founder and CEO of the new independent publishing company Catapult.

Who is She?

Elizabeth R Koch is the daughter of billionaire industrialist Charles Koch. She has a B.A. in English Literature from Princeton University, and an MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University.  In the article “A Literary Koch Launches New Publishing House”, written by Jennifer Maloney, Koch explains how she gave herself permission to write during her time at SU, and followed her passion into many different career paths within the publishing industry – ultimately resulting in the launch of Catapult this month.

“It can be a terrifying proposition to create something from nothing,” she said.

What Will Catapult Publish?

According to the article, Catapult will be publishing fiction, narrative nonfiction, and graphic novels. Their current plan is to publish six books this upcoming fall and spring seasons, with their long-term goal or mission being to release up to 12.  Its first book, Cries For Help, Various, written by Padgett Powell, was released on Tuesday and is available for purchase.

Further reading: http://www.wsj.com/articles/a-literary-koch-launches-new-publishing-house-1441911101

What does the future look like?

This article reveals to those in the publishing industry that the future looks bright. That even though e-books and technology seem to be taking over a massive percentage of the field, someone is still willing to open a company and prove that there is a place for paperback books. In terms of this class, I think Ms. Koch has created a business that a lot of us are striving for: to establish our own publishing companies. She has succeeded in what we hope to achieve during or after this program. I wish Catapult the best in its future, and can’t wait to read some of their books.

By: Stevie Davall


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