Comic Book Audience and Gender

I think this little write-up is really interesting. As it says, “53% of comic readers are now women, up from 40% just three years ago.” I love this trend in comic readership as well as the new content being produced by women, LGBT writers, and other marginalized groups. Diversifying the comic world is a great place to start as comic readership is soaring and more audiences are being reached. I was just at Long Beach Comic Con this weekend and the amount of independent comics being put out by women is amazing, not to mention the attendees of all ages and genders. It’s a growing market that comic publishers like Marvel Comics are cashing in on, to the benefit of readers and publishers alike.


3 thoughts on “Comic Book Audience and Gender”

  1. Hi, Alyssa.

    According to the story you posted, the person who identified himself as the originator of the study posted on says that the majority of comic book readers are not women. As a person who has followed the comic book industry and is forming a publication company, from empirical evidence and from observation I find the vast majority of readers to be male.


    1. It’s true that traditionally the audience is very male, but the audience is changing every year. Female audiences are growing, especially thanks to Marvel’s cinematic universe inspiring people to turn to the comics. And smaller comic publications such as Dark Horse and Image Comics (Image putting out the groundbreaking comic “Saga,” especially) are drawing very diverse audiences. More and more often I go into comic shops and find that I’m no longer the only woman present. It’s nice and refreshing. We women may not be the majority yet, but we’re getting there.


      1. Hi, Alyssa.

        It also depends on what is defined as a “comic book fan.” Based on many marketing and sales numbers, the majority of people identifying themselves are comic book fans do not or have never read comic books. There are many examples of people who have seen superhero movies or watched television series based on the superhero genre who have never purchased a comic book.

        I suggest that you add some credible references showing statistics of the actual reading percentages of female readership. The story you posted has misinterpreted data, as pointed out by the person who allegedly created the research.


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