Geolocating: A new book sales technique?

chelsea-state-bank-2It’s coming down to the generation of the iPad; the generation that is constantly “plugged in” on multiple screens. The question plaguing publishers, and the industry in general, is how to keep the focus of these screen-generation kids, and even their parents long enough to get them to read. Or better yet, to sell them the book, even if it’s the digital version.

According to Book Business geolocating beacons may be an answer. Utilizing a technique that uses a low frequency Bluetooth signal, you can alert smartphones within a certain distance about products, events, etc. Business Insider estimates that in 2014, about eight percent of retailers were using these beacons, but that at least 85 percent will have them by the end of 2016.

This offers a huge opportunity for book publishers. They can market to users who are passing by a book that may be relevant to their needs, a travel guide perhaps? Or alerting them to a new release, an old classic, or even just reminding them that the store is having a sale or an event. The downside, is that the receivers of this alert will have to download the app. FourSquare for book purchasing!

Information needs to be voluntarily received, which means the downside is that if people aren’t downloading the app – it won’t be useful. But for the users of the app in 2014, after a three month study, 60 percent of the users interacted with the alerts and opened them while 30 percent of them redeemed the alert.

This could be a new marketing technique for publishers in the near future.


Source: Book Business Magazine


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One thought on “Geolocating: A new book sales technique?”

  1. As a book marketer, I love the idea of being able to geotarget a potential reader! The challenge comes in with who owns the app that the reader must download? Is it a retailer? If yes, can a publisher or author buy into the system? I’m actually working on this project with mobile app developer Skoop!


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