Scholarly Publishing and More

This is a recent blog post on the website for “The Bookseller,” a magazine based in London devoted to the publishing industry. The title for the post, “Do you need a PhD to work in scholarly publishing?,” is a little misleading. It should be something like “What are scholarly publishers looking for?” because it reports on a session at the London Book Fair earlier this year that answered not only the question from the blog title, but a number of other questions about getting into academic publishing. The session featured a panel made up of contributors from different academic publishers and was organized by the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers.

Even though this event took place in London and probably featured mostly British panelists, the insights given in this particular session cuts across the entire publishing industry. One of the most surprising to me was that academic publishers look at your social media profile(s) not just to check for anything nefarious, but also to see how active you are in relation to the publishing industry. I knew some media companies looked for active social profiles, but it was surprising to learn academic publishers did, too.



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