Hex Publishers has a New Way of “Tweaking” Book Marketing

by Maddie Lowman


An Erie-based horror publication called Hex Publishers has decided not to drink the proverbial “kool aid” of the publishing industry.  Instead of following the traditional commercial standards of the publishing industry, Joshua Viola has decided to pay all the startup fees for Hex himself, even going so far as to “already have things lined up for the next three years” while paying out-of-pocket.

Hex Publishers is excited to focus on the writers instead of the money, and in doing so, Hex is attempting to pave the way for more indie-publishers to do the same.  By paying each author more for their work, as well as giving them a higher share of the royalties, Hex is maneuvering away from some of the issues current in the publishing world of today.  Viola has also decided that to do so, he is also going to put the push on marketing more than other publishing houses, even the larger ones, in order to get the work of his authors out into the world.

Another, more interesting step for this company is the trial-run of publishing some work on the Play Station Network to see if it might increase exposure and sales.  If this works out the way that Viola hopes it might, publication will be expanded to other new media platforms.

Here’s hoping that this new method of marketing catches hold in the rest of the publishing world.  It would be an incredible boon for writers to try to get back to the things that actually matter: the work being distributed.

Read more in the article from Denver Post here.


One thought on “Hex Publishers has a New Way of “Tweaking” Book Marketing”

  1. Whoa! That is a really cool and interesting idea. Putting some works on the PlayStation Network sounds like a really breakthrough way of connecting traditionally different types of audiences to works that they might all like. I’m interested to keep an eye on this!


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