September Author Earnings

by Emily Powers

Nate Hoffelder wrote an article on September’s Author Earnings with detailed data specifying what platform the books were published. His report is a summarized version of the actual report, which can be found on the Author Earnings Website.

His summary explains that the trend in author earnings is higher for Indie authors than authors under the big five; the big five, including traditional book publishers are becoming less popular in comparison.

I find it interesting that even though the revenue for the authors of traditional publishers and Amazon imprint publishers isn’t rising, it is still surpassing those of Indie authors. Then again, I would hope that traditional publishers are making their authors money versus those who are independent authors without publishing guides.

Out of the 1,200 publishers that make up the monthly statistics, the big five publishers make up 80% of the statistical data.

Below is a graph from Hoffelder’s report:

sept. trend pub

Seeing the decline in the big five and an increase for Indie books, should traditional publishing markets be concerned, or should they keep doing what they have been doing for decades? Is it also possible that, with these trends, aspiring authors will tend to produce their products without a traditional publisher?

Very interesting read in my opinion.

Information was retrieved from
“September 2015 Author Earnings Report”


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