Will Oyster Rise from the Ashes?

By Cheryl Johnson

Oyster, better known as the Netflix of books, is shutting down for reasons not provided by the company. However, successes of Amazon’s book subscription services surpass Oyster’s by approximately twenty times the number of subscribers. In a blog post released by Oyster, the company says that they “couldn’t be more excited about the future of e-books and mobile reading” and goes on to say that they believe the future of e-reading is on the phone. Oyster claims that most of their readership occurs on mobile devices. It has also been reported that Oyster declined a acquisition offer from Google a year prior.

Google has now hired founding members and CEO of Oyster to work on their book development center located in New York. Current contracts with book publishers will not be carried over, so contracts will need to be renegotiated with publishers. Oyster subscribers will be able to access their books until the end of the year through iTunes.

It is unclear what Google plans to do exactly with the help of Oyster team, but from what is known about Google’s innovation, we could expect to see new reading platform in the near future. This acquisition could mean a big change for e-readers and publishers depending on its success.

Will we see a battle of Amazon vs. Google in online subscription reading services?  Will there be a new system entirely?

Source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/9/21/9367555/oyster-shutting-down-google-hires-execs


picture source: http://www.fastcompany.com/3016854/tech-forecast/with-oyster-keep-100000-books-in-your-pocket-for-10-a-month


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