Giving More Thought to Social Media Marketing

As the soon-to-be Social Media manager of a growing entertainment blog, I’ve had to do a lot of thinking on how websites like Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram can be used to build an audience. This is a plight I think many content creators (authors, companies, YouTubers) have to think about when they decide to use Social Media as a marketing device.

As Chris Syme writes in his article, you have to separate strategy from tactic.

The truth is, success is not about finding the right channel,” Syme writes, “it’s about defining strategy first, and then plugging in the right channels to reach your goals. Facebook is not a strategy. It’s a tactic.” [x]

This was something I hadn’t considered until reading his article. HyPursuit–the blog I write for–just informed me they had planned to use Facebook for the Social Media outlet. While this is a smart tactic (they have over 14,000 likes on their Facebook page as opposed to 7,000 followers on Twitter) it isn’t much of a strategy.

After reading Syme’s article, I’m now starting to think more into the “why” using Facebook is the right option to market the HyPursuit brand.  As in, “why do I want to maintain a presence on Facebook?” (Chris Syme).

It’s something I would really encourage anyone who wants to start using Social Media in this way to start doing because understanding Strategy VS. Tactic could be the deciding factor in how fast your audience grows.

For more information on this I highly recommend reading Chris Syme’s article.

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