Renew the Book: Innovation in Publishing

The General Publisher’s Association (GAU) launched the Renew the Book Startup Competition in September. The 40-day program is in search of 5 startups that can cultivate cutting-edge ideas within promotion, distribution and publishing books. Winners will be provided with workshops, networking and access to 25 mentors within the Dutch publishing industry. The ultimate winning team will be awarded with a EUR 15k grant to kick-start their idea.

Watch a brief video on the competition below:

‘Everywhere in the world publishers, whether in news, music or books, struggle with the internet,’ says Wiet de Bruijn, chairman of the Dutch publishers’ association GAU. ‘With the Renew the Book project we say we want to stimulate change and we are not afraid to admit that the best ideas might come from outside the publishing industry.’

The way we consume content is highly influenced by mobile technology. The growing mobile market supports digital media by providing inventive deliverables that entice readers. But what’s next? In order for publishing to be able to develop effectively in a digital world, it is necessary to invent and adopt new practices.

Paired with the “Global Startup Machine”, Rockstart, Renew the Book strives to find the next revolutionary idea in publishing. Applications are currently being accepted until October 12.



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