Leading Dairy Brand Announces Free Online Interactive eCookbook

A recent press release put out by Hood® Cream caught my attention. The title of the release reads, “Hood® Cream Teams Up With Chef Chris Coombs To Launch Its First-Ever eCookbook“.

HP Hood eCookbook
Hood(R) Cream partners with renowned New England Chef Chris Coombs to launch the brand’s first-ever eCookbook. (PRNewsFoto/HP Hood)

The words that stand out to me are “First-Ever eCookbook” as if it has never been done before…ever. This is of course Hood’s first attempt at venturing into the e-publishing space so it is their first e-book. I like that they are using this as a marketing and promotional tool. They have partnered with Chef Chris Coombs, so it lends authority to the eCookbook, while building their brand identity.

The book is called Chef Creations Inspired by Hood Cream and it downloaded as a PDF for free.

Users can take the eCookbook with them anywhere they go with the ability to download it on multiple devices like tablets, desktop computers and smartphones. At-home chefs will enjoy thoughtful notes from Chef Coombs about each recipe and can also take advantage of the eCookbook’s interactive features including simple social media sharing on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook, and a step-by-step hands-free countertop “cook mode” viewing option.

They are heavily noting the ease of use that their e-Cookbook provides to users and how it can be taken anywhere. Since this is only a PDF, there is no video but they do have “simple” sharing options.

This appears to be a big deal for Hood® Cream to have published an electronic cookbook. I wonder how long it took the company to come to the realization that they should be utilizing an e-Cookbook to promote their product.  Perhaps their next e-Cookbook will be more interactive. Only time will tell.


Published by

Sherrie Wilkolaski

Sherrie Wilkolaski is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of Luxe Beat Magazine. She specializes in developing in-house publishing programs for small to mid-sized businesses. Sherrie frequents the international publishing circuit, educating publishing professionals at industry events such as DScoop (Beijing, China), Self-Publishing Book Expo, and DIY (Book Expo America). She is a bestselling author, radio talk show host, and book and magazine publisher.

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