Is Digital-Only the Answer?


The print versus digital debate has been going on for a while and though claims that print will eventually die have been made for years, it has yet to go away. Some companies, like Emap, have decided to put all of their eggs into the digital basket and completely do away with their print publications.

The Emap brand has been a publishing institution for almost 70 years for magazines including Draper, Retail Week, andNursing Times. Duncan Painter stated that, “across the Emap portfolio 67% of revenues are from digital and events. Over the next 12 to 18 months all of the titles will become digital-only.” As well as moving completely to digital, the company plans to change the entire Emap brand so that they can be accepted by the industry as a digital publisher. The un-named new brand will be run by Natasha Christie-Miller who is currently the chief executive.
Even though print is not dead, the company claims that customers are sending the message that they want digital and they plan to answer accordingly. Only time will tell if this was the right move for the company and if others should follow suite.

Sources: Emap brand to be scrapped as all its titles move digital-only


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