BiblioCommons teams up with Penguin Random House

On October 14, BiblioCommons announced it would expand its ebook collection through an agreement with one of the world’s biggest publishers, Penguin Random House. BiblioCommons, based in Toronto, is a company that develops an interactive catalogue and web services for libraries. One of their products that works with BiblioCore, the interactive catalogue, is BiblioDigital, an ebook platform that enables libraries to deliver ebooks through BiblioCore and can work with any ebook vendor. This new agreement will add more than 38,000 ebooks, including titles from Penguin Random House, Penguin Random House imprints and publishers distributed by them, including new titles and bestsellers.

I found this piece of news interesting namely because I never heard of BiblioCommons or any service like it. I don’t go to libraries very often these days, so I had no idea at least some of them are now offering ebooks (though, of course, it makes a lot of sense that they are). I’m wondering how long this has been going on; I read that BiblioDigital has been around since 2013. I’m also wondering at how popular this method is among library-goers, or if most of them still checking out books the old-fashioned way. I’ve rented books through Amazon before, and that might be more popular because it’s more well-known.



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