The Re-Marketing of Harry Potter

The Harry Potter series is one that will never really go away. The stories will be fun and interesting and relevant to audiences of children and adults for many years to come. But for publishers, this poses an issue because there are many questions on how to continue to profit. Will newer parents read their kids the books that they themselves read as children? Will children have their own e-readers to use themselves? How can a continually profitable series keep making substantial profits?

To get ahead of this issue, new versions were released last week. Readers can now buy an enhanced version of each of the seven books in the series via Apple Books. According to the Huffington Post, these enhancements include new illustrations, more details on characters via pop-ups and interactive features. The “new” written features from author J.K. Rowling come from the essays she has previously published on Pottermore, but combining the books with these essays is a smart way to promote each format.

It will be interesting to see what kind of profits these updates bring. As a true Harry fan, who has read the books an embarrassing number of times and treasures the hard copies my grandmother gave me as a kid, I will certainly be purchasing these new editions.


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