Boosting the Industry

As I was searching for something to post here I couldn’t help but notice that very few people who write about the publishing industry online can seem to agree whether or not e-book sales are growing or shrinking. Every other article I found suggested that e-books are going out of style and that the rise of print books has returned. But the other half suggest the opposite. There seems to be a problem with data reporting from Amazon and other prominent e-book sellers.

But ideas for the industry, both in print and e-publishing, are always being presented. 
This article brings up an idea for e-publishing and backlist titles as well as suggesting that e-book sales are really effective at reaching international audiences. 
This editorial recognizes the need for the industry to have a boost. I hadn’t heard of the “Renew the Book” project before and I can’t wait to see what comes out of it. 


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