Online Bookseller Leads Buyers to Independent Bookstores


Amazon is convenient when it comes to buying books that you need for business and for pleasure. However, when you pass that mom and pop shop bookstore on the corner of your street, you feel a twinge of guilt for not helping them out by making your purchase behind their counter instead of over a keyboard. 

Fear no more, for Indiebound is here. This online bookseller has all the great perks of shopping online for books, with the added benefit of taking your zip code and leading you in the direction of a small independent bookseller who carries the title you’ve been searching for.

The webpage also has plenty of book recommendations, events, and when making a purchase online, a certain percentage goes to local booksellers. It’s definitely tie for Amazon users to consider making the switch.


Subscription Boxes for Books: Convenient Suprises

Subscription boxes; the newest craze sweeping the consumer nation. These cardboard boxes are filled with delightful surprise items that are all based on a specific theme. These boxes can hold things such as makeup, snacks, dog treats, and now, for all the literary aficionados, books.

One very well-known subscription box for fiction-lovers is known as OwlCrate.  It sends a box of diverse YA fiction, and throws in a few reading trinkets, such as bookmarks and book-related jewelry and knick-knacks. These not-so-little boxes of delight are perfect for those who love being surprised by new books, and the convenience of online-shopping.

The books are based on a monthly-theme and are paid for just like a monthly subscription to a magazine or journal, but maintains the excitement and anticipation of a Christmas gift…for yourself.